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When people ask me what is the biggest mistake I made when starting my business, it was hands down not having Bonstar Accounting Services as part of my business!

Bonnie and her team have been incredible in getting my business up to date and have given me all the tools I need to know where my business is financially.

But, now they’ve stepped it up another level! Bonstar is now offering the Profits R 4 U program for businesses and I can’t stress enough how much of a game-changer this has been for my small business!

As a Solopreneur I have never been able to pay myself because it’s always been me putting money into my business. I have saved for my taxes but wasn’t really sure how much to save. And most months I knew I had money but not how much I could spend in the business and make sure my company was still in good financial condition.

The Profits R 4 U program has completely changed that! I’m now paid first – what a concept! I know exactly how much to put aside for my taxes, leaving the extra I was just randomly putting aside where it should be in my operating expenses account. All the questions about what I needed to keep my business going have been answered with this program. Honestly, I can’t imagine not using this program in whatever business you are running. Bonnie and her team has set out a plan for me and how it will grow and change as I grow and change as a business. I feel so much more secure in my business and now can start to build some security in my personal finances.

I highly recommend Bonstar Accounting Services for the accounting services you need and now can also recommend them for the wonderful work they did putting together my Profits R 4 U program!

-Colleen Heidecker

I am so glad I met Bonnie and her team at Bonstar Accounting Services. After a few years of struggling with other bookkeepers, Bonnie has been able to make sense of my particular business set up and implemented solutions that truly match my needs. Her obvious passion for numbers, her professionalism, her friendly demeanor and her can-do attitude make it a pleasure to do business with Bonnie.

Her bookkeeping knowledge is second to none and she has implemented “the Profits R 4 U Formula” into her practice this year, helping your business transition and remind us to be
conscious of our financial decisions and to prioritize responsible money management.

Bonnie truly believes that as a business owner, you need to focus on profit. And that your number one employee should be paid first. That would be you, the business owner.

Bonnie has truly raised the bar when it comes to professional bookkeeping services. Do yourself and the success of your business a favour and book a no-obligation business consultation with Bonstar Accounting Services! You’ll be glad you did!

-Ulli Robson, SafewithUlli

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